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Removing Factory Clothes & Accessories

For pesky jackets and other accessories that keep you from dolling up your nui.

Accessory Removal (ENG)

Note: Might be best to keep the iron on low heat just to be careful.

Hair Dryer Clothing Removal (JP)

Note: If your plush has other features that are glued on, be careful to avoid them with the dryer if you don't wish to alter them. (i.e., jyushi has a belt)

Hat Removal (JP)

Note: Uses seam ripper.

Sewing and Seam Ripping

Anything that includes opening up your nui.

Spinal Surgery (JP)

This video uses Seria's nui bones (ぬいボーン) which can be bought through a proxy. You can usually find them on secondhand jp sites for cheap.

Adjusting hair and face line of the nui

Poipiku Link

By @ppitt727 (twitter)

Translation: TBA


Give those dead eyes some life.

Tsumugi nui sparkles (ENG)

Tiktok Link

By @tsumugiaoba (Tiktok)

Tori nui sparkles (JP)

Note: so lovely c: